Joey Barranco

Friendly, energetic, and full of passion, I excel in fast-paced, frenetic environments! Need that blog article done by 2am or an interview due in three hours? I'm on it! Whether it's blogging, editing, podcasting, broadcasting, video making, or being a supportive team player, there's nothing I can't do!

H&B Review: Die Hard Dice

Tara and Joey dive right in to a pile of metal dice from Die Hard Dice for their latest review of tabletop accessories! Metal dice, rolling mats, and glow-in-the-dark die?! YEAH! We are all in! The story behind Die Hard Dice is quite sweet and humble. Todd and Jessie, founders of Die Hard, find the time to sell dice and gaming accessories in the little free time between raising children and other jobs. After speaking with Todd through a couple of e-mails, it’s very clear that he and Jessie are

Overwatch China Announces Loot Box Percentages

With over 30 million people playing Overwatch, it’s no surprise that many gamers enjoy a particular element of the game. That element? Now, thanks to Chinese business laws regarding the purchase of in-game items, Blizzard announced the drop rates for rare, epic, and legendary items in their Loot Boxes! According to Metabomb, you’ll have to open 5.5 loot boxes for an epic item and 13.5 loot boxes for a legendary item. Thanks to the math geniuses on Reddit, they’ve already done the heavy calculat

From Fan To Professional: A Transformative Encounter With Squarriors: The Card Game

Imagine applying for college at the age of 29. Imagine already owning a house, being happily married, and adopting a dog. Imagine working in a respectable field for nearly a decade. Imagine what it feels like to have security. Imagine drop-kicking that security to the curb. Intentionally. I’ve read somewhere that most people experience a career change later in life, but what is “later?” I’m only just hitting thirty but feel 20-something. I still play hours and hours of games, I order pizza at

Atlantis Miniatures – Review

As a tabletop gamer who loves accessories, I find it increasingly difficult to find miniatures that are both highly detailed and affordable. Reaper Miniatures offers the standard go-to for miniature figures for tabletop roleplayers and while the affordability is there, the lack of diversity makes the figures quite tired after years of staring at a catalog of the same minis. Then there’s things like Hero Forge (I’ll review that next!), where you can get detailed, customizable, 3D-printed miniatu

Legitimizing eSports

All sports are games, but not all games are sports.  What sets sports apart from games? Athleticism. Athletes train for hours a day improving both their physical and mental abilities in order to be the best competitors in the world.  Baseball players are clearly defined athletes.  Same with people who play football, hockey, ping pong, and swimming.  There is never an argument that these competitors aren’t athletes.  There are arguments against the legitimacy of a “sport” regarding NASCAR, chess,

Leveling Up Education: A brief look into video games in the classroom

There are over 7 billion people alive on Earth. Out of those 7 billion, at least 1.5 billion people play video games. The keyword is -play-. Gaming is no longer a stereotype culture of unsocialized kids neglecting their lives while living in their parent’s basements and growing into unproductive members of society. Instead, video games and gamers are everywhere.  From the military to nursing homes, video games are being deeply woven into modern society.  This leads some people to ask: do they be

Forza Horizon 3's Soundtrack is on fire!

Good games often have a combination of compelling gameplay, stunning graphics, and of course, a killer soundtrack. Forza Horizon 3 is already looking to set a new standard in racing games with it’s music alone! Forza Horizon 3, slated for release on Xbox One and Windows PC September 27th, 2016, takes place amidst the beautiful rocky desert of Australia. You and up to 12 friends can pick one of over 350 vehicles to drive around while trying to gain fans and put on the best damn festival you can!

3030 Deathwar Redux: Out of this World!

How does one even begin to break down the amount of adventure, complexity, and fun offered by 3030 Deathwar Redux? Let’s start with the premise.  3030 Deathwar Redux is a unique blend Indiana Jones, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Cowboy Bebop with a large dose of fantastic house and trap music.  Add in loads of mechanics from other sci-fi games such as EVE Online and you’ve got yourself one hell of an adventure! 3030 Deathwar Redux is produced by a UK duo called Bird in Sky. They’ve been working